Wavebit GPS trackers

A range of GPS trackers for goods and people, with a very high autonomy and operating in 40 countries.

Stay connected wherever you are.

Wavebit GPS trackers offer innovative long-term, real-time geolocation system using disruptive Low-Power network Sigfox.

Real-time autonomous monitoring

Simple and intuitive. Turn on the tracker, and share your position in real time with anyone you want.

Works in 40 countries without roaming costs

Wavebit trackers use the Sigfox Network, which is present in over 40 countries. No need for a SIM card.

Send SMS/Email alerts

Create, set up and send Email or SMS alerts with your trackers: button press, motion detection, zone entry/exit…

Unrivalled battery life

Wavebit trackers have a record battery life of several weeks to several months without recharging or changing the battery.

Trackers adapted to your needs.

Whether for personal or business use, Wavebit trackers are easy to use. They fit in your pocket or are simply attached to a support.

Real time tracking

Positions are sent to the internet every 10 minutes.

Long autonomy

Autonomy of several weeks to several months depending on use.

Data export

Tracks are recorded in the trackers and can be exported to GPX (Urban Tag only).

Small and light

Small and lightweight, Wavebit tracker are easy to carry or attach.

Integrated sensors

A temperature sensor and a motion detector are built into the trackers.


Create fully customisable zones, receive Email/SMS alerts and reports (check-in/check-out…).

0G Sigfox network

Wavebit trackers use the 0G LPWAN Sigfox RC1 network. Operates in over 40 countries worldwide.

Web & mobile
application platform

The Urban tag and Asset tag work with the Connect platform and/or the Wavebit application.