To start live tracking using the Urban tag or Asset tag, you need to have them registered on your Wavebit account and have an active subscription for real-time data transmission every 10 minutes. The subscription is included for 3 years.
How do I associate the tracker with my Wavebit account?
1 – On Connect or the Wavebit application, open the left menu and click on My Devices.
2 – Click on the button + to access to the addition of the new tracker.
3 – Complete the S/N and the Key indicated on the back of the tracker.
(It is normal that the first letter (A or B) of the S/N does not then appear in the tracker name because it is the tracker’s model indicator.)
Click on the QR code icon and scan the back of the tracker.

Then simply take the Urban tag with you or attach the Asset tag. The tracker must be switched on and have battery power to send its position when it is in motion.
Why isn’t my tracker sending a position?
If the tracker does transmit on Sigfox but there are no positions sent at the same time, this may be due to several phenomena specific to devices using satellite positioning systems.
The main position losses come from the stalling of the signals between the tracker and the satellites, thus preventing the triangulation of the position:
– From GPS fix just after departure, cold, where the device could no longer see the constellation of the satellites, and therefore needs about 3 minutes before starting to move to find their position and thus start to fix its position correctly.
– From the outside environment: trees, buildings and even clouds can prevent the proper reception of data from a satellite and can cause triangulation to be prevented or accuracy to be lost.