Metallic environment
A metallic environment disturbs Sigfox radio waves and can lead to signal losses. Do not use a Wavebit tracker near or surrounded by a large metal object (water bottle).
GPS fix
When it hasn’t worked for a while, the GPS needs to know the satellite constellation. It will then automatically download the ephemeris and store it in its memory to obtain its position more quickly at the next fix. The first fix can therefore take longer depending on the environment. A clear environment during the first fix will improve the system’s performance. The ephemeris is valid for approximately 4 hours.
GPS does not work indoors. The Sigfox network, on the other hand, will often be operational. Movement information without position information can be used in the software in a transparent way for the user, thus increasing its capabilities. Similarly, an approximate position can be given by radio triangulation.
Position of the Urban tag
Position the urban tag preferably with the eyelet facing up and the side with the Wavebit Logo facing out. Do not attach the tag to the eyelet – the vibrating pendulum movement will affect performance. Ideally, an outer backpack pocket, such as a mesh bag, should be securely held in the position shown. Otherwise, position the tracker with the side with the Wavebit logo facing the sky.
Wearing the Urban tag on a person
The principle of radio wave emission applies: the fewer obstacles you have, i.e. the more you are in a free field, the better the result.
Thus on a person, the ideal is to carry it in an external pocket of the backpack or on the belt, well maintained in the right direction, following the principles of positioning explained in the previous paragraphs. Avoid places where the tracker moves in all directions, turns over, vibrates too much or undergoes a continuous pendulum movement.
The marker will also work in pockets or bags, as the environment may have an influence. A metal frame or formwork will greatly degrade radio performance.
The higher the tracker is carried, with no obstructions around it, the better the result.