We provide a Micro-USB cable. To charge the Urban tag, simply plug it into the cable and plug it into a USB socket or your computer. While the tracker is charging, the bottom right LED will light up red. When the battery is 100% charged, this LED will turn green.
To find out the battery status of your tracker, log on to the web platform or the application.
In “My Devices” :
In the left menu, “Devices” then “My Devices”, you can see the information of your tracker and its battery percentage.
In “Map” :
Select the tracker for which you want to know the information in the top box.
Click on the icon at the bottom right of your screen and the information will appear with the percentage of your battery.
“Low battery” alert:
Create a low battery alert. The alert will be triggered when the battery is at less than 20% of its capacity and you will receive an SMS or email, depending on the configuration of your alert.