To configure the “flight mode” or 3D of the Urban tag, it is necessary to have the Wavebit software for PC/Mac and to connect the tracker to the computer via USB cable.
How do I download the Wavebit software?

The Wavebit software for PC and Mac is available for download on the Wavebit website.
The Wavebit software is essential for the configuration of Urban tag and the export to your Wavebit space of the tracks recorded via the logger.

1 – Launch the Wavebit software.
2 – Go to “Settings” at the top middle of the menu and you will be able to choose this parameter.
When the “flight mode” or 3D mode of the tracker is deactivated, it will send previous positions of the tracker, allowing real-time tracking with an accuracy of about 3 minutes. And when it is activated, the tracker will send its speed and altitude when sending the last known position.