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SFr. 209.00
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SFr. 209.00
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  • Simplify time and attendance management
  • Control absenteeism and lateness in real-time
  • Get analytics and history for teams / individuals
  • Receive timesheets and zones alerts
  • Improve compliance 
  • Supervise emergency egress
  • Improve customer satisfaction

The system works with dedicated tag or standard mobile App.

Wavebit range for assets and people

Wavebit features a full range of products, hardware and software, for people and assets aiming at generating savings and revenues by optimizing your value-chain & supply-chain.


    The Wavebit beacon uses the Ultra-Narrow-Band SIGFOX radio network dedicated to the Internet of Things. 1 year of subscription is included with the beacon then access to the network will be invoiced 1.99 € / month the following years (commitment over one year).


    A button is used to turn the beacon on and off. It also allows you to send alerts that you have programmed.


    The trajectories are recorded in the beacon (precision 1 position / min) to be able to export them (.GPX or .CSV) to Strava or your preferred community, via your PC / Mac.

  • API

    Don't want to use the Wavebit interface? No worries: our API sends you raw beacon data in real time which you can use as you like.

Technical specification

  • Tracking

    Get the location of all your tracked fleet vehicles at a glance.

  • Monitoring

    Oversee movement history over a selected timeframe right from the map.

  • Alerts

    Set up geofenses to receive alerts via email and notifications every time a tracker enters or exits the set territory.

  • Multiple accounts

    Create accounts for your employees and customers, and manage their authorizations.