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SFr. 159.00
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  • Weight : 60g.
  • Size : 75x75x35 mm.
  • Power supply : Non rechargeable CR123 lithium battery (possibility of using alkaline batteries).
  • Waterproof / dustproof : IP67 (IEC60529) - ASA material UV & weather resistant.
  • Ultra high autonomy radio transceiver on Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network ASSET TAG.
  • Data recording: Path and GPS data recorded in the tracker for offline export (max precision 1 position/20s) - option.
  • Auto sync of recorded data with the cloud (Asset Connect) - option.
  • Movement detection through 3 axis accelerometer.
  • Alerts: custom Email / SMS alerts (movement, geofencing, temperature, batterie…).
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Bulk alerts setup from CSV file.
  • Export format : .GPX, .CSV.
  • API: allows using raw data from the tracker in a third party system.
  • Beacon system for indoor positioning - option
  • NFC tag for identification - option
  • Asset coverage : https://wavebit.io/products/asset-tag - Possiblity to install local connectivity / coverage.
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Technical Specification

GPS / Radio Live Tracking

Live positions are sent on internet every 10 minutes (trace precision 1 position / 3 min). Follow trackers on Asset SaaS platform desktop or mobile. Triple geolocation system : GPS ; Asset Atlas radio triangulation ; local beacon (option).

Beacon for indoor tracking

Deep indoor tracking without GPS with the exclusive Asset beacon system, allowing to track people indoor with 5 m accuracy.

Customizable casing

Possibility of manufacturing on purpose enclosure, adapted to specific products form factors or to the regulatory requirements (ATEX...). Possibility to replace lithium by alkaline batteries.

Many mounting options

Several fixing possibilities like : pole mount bracket / hose clamp, screws, neodymium magnet, Rubber feet, bouble-face adhesive tape...

Size / Weight

75x75x35 mm, 60 grams. Asset Tag is compact, elegant and easy to wear.

Temperature / Altitude

The tracker has a built-in temperature sensor and records all temperatures, useful for cold chain monitoring. Altitude is also provided using the GPS.


From several weeks to several months, depending on your activities and on the GPS settings. Email is sent when battery is low.

Typical Usecases

Returnable Assets tracking (pallets, crates, cylinders...), fleet monitoring, industrial tooling management, leasing...

Data Export

Positions and tracks are recorded in the tracker (up to 1 point / 20 sec) for offline export on .GPX format.

No infrastructure needed

Asset Tag is standalone and easy to use. No phone, no SIM card or no synchronization needed.

Auto Sync

Data recorded in the tracker are automatically synchronized with Asset SaaS platform by plugging it into the computer or over-the-air (option).


Use the raw data sent by Asset tag tracker on a third-party system (ERP, mapping system...) using the Asset Tag Rest API.